2015-2016 Season

June 2016
(Oxfordshire, England)
in association with
Garrison Little Theatre
Side Effects
by Eric Chapell

Richard Lock as Frank Cook

Katie Dyet as June Cook
Gary Bates as Paul Latimer
Amanda Linstead as Sarah Latimer
Alex Pedersen as Tracey


British Director Debbie Lock

Canadian Director Chuck Jagiello



Photographs courtesy of Taina Remmler


April 2016
Ned Durango comes
to Big Oak

by Norm Foster

Dan Bennett as Tom Shaw

Ryan Lunn as Orson Hubble
Edie Pedersen as Catherine Winger
Alex Pedersen as Kay Starling
Chuck Jagiello as Ned Durango


Directed by Vince Marinaccio


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Photographs courtesy of Taina Remmler and Chuck Jagiello


Photographs courtesy of Taina Remmler



Photographs courtesy of Chuck Jagiello



Photographs courtesy of Taina Remmler


February 2016
I Hate Hamlet

by Paul Rudnick

Carole Ferriday as Felicia Dantine

Tom DeGiuli as Andrew Rally
Alex Pedersen as Deirdre McDavey
Zdenka Cole as Lillian Troy
Tim Denis as John Barrymore
Dave Deelen as Gary Peter Lefkowitz


Directed by Mike Ceci


October 2015
Mrs. Parliament's
Night Out

by Norm Foster

Darka Makarec as Teresa

Rick Nigh as Chuck
Bruce Davenport as Steve
Dalton Bird as Winston
Annie Alexander as Mrs. Lewicki
Edie Pedersen as Myrna and Lingerie Sales
Christina Desilest as Ginny and Rosa
Trent Mathews as Puncho and Bruno
James Kitchen as Mr. Lewicki
Vince Marinaccio as Mr. Marx and Andre
Marie Hoyle as Silvia Summers and Beck
Doug Hoyle as Devlin
Zdenka Cole as Marie
Rick Sweet as Watch salesman, Julian and Eduardo


Directed by Derek Joynes


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